Monday, 26 March 2012

Axolotl Gallery's last ever Dundas Street show.

From Friday 9th March 2012.
Press release:
Axolotl Contemporary Art Gallery on Dundas Street is not renewing its lease - we have a very exciting venture in the pipeline and would like to invite you to our final show - at this address.
This is a mixed show with fabulous new works by some old favourites.
Oil by Robert Springham - the man with vision and a sense of humour!
Beautiful nudes by hugely talented Paul Muzni
New work by strangely twisted Gregor Laird
Intricate and delicate oils from intricate and delicate Asta Petkunaite
Large, bold and bright pieces from Pierre Levicky - if you are passing that's the one in the window
Fabulous work by fabulous Joyce Gunn Cairns
and a very ambitious installation by Angus Reid

'Mascara Massacre (Doll Parts headpiece and rubber mask)'
Mixed media

Menergy - Yolandi Visser

I photoshopped an octopus tentacle into Die Antwoord's Yolandi Visser's mouth. Just because...