Sunday, 20 February 2011

Menergy Jackie Curtis flyer

Menergy has moved home to the Art School before it gets demolished. I changed the logo to go with the 60s vibe of the Jackie Curtis photo and I then photoshopped the image to give it more of a psychedelic look.

Rotterdam Film Festival sketches

Old sketchbook scans of ideas for a poster advertising Rotterdam Film Festival, which was focused on Japanese films that year.

Junkyard fashion shoot

Was going through old sketchbooks and came across this. For a shoot many years ago I went to a junk yard out of town where I knew they had mannequins standing around. Without asking the owner I carted them all round the yard, dressed them up in my friend's clothes, threw them on top of burnt-out mattresses, photographed them in every pose... then after about 2 hours of shooting, put them back where I found them and left!

Tiger painting

I'm recycling some old canvases and thought I'd record this one.
From many a year ago!