Monday, 29 March 2010

Dare, actually

Legendary DJ, remixer and producer Jon of the Pleased Wimmin got in touch to ask me to design a flyer for his new club venture 'Dare!'.

The previous flyer had featured Jon paying tribute to the Human League album which gave the club it's name, and for this he wanted his own take on another classic album cover - Pet Shop Boys, Actually, originally designed by Farrow.

I wanted to keep the sleek minimalism of the original which posed a problem as there was a lot of text to go on the poster. The problem was overcome by having it look like an import copy, complete with cardboard strip on the left and Japanese text.

There are a few design details which aren't immediately obvious which I worked in... the price sticker is also the entry fee, the Japanese words say 'Passion' (one of Jon's own chart hits) and 'disco music' which relates to the music policy. There are names of bands and singers listed in a font which looks Japanese at first glance, but is actually English.

Photo by Nicola Bald. NB Photos

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Menergy April 2010

New flyer for Menergy using an amazing image of Sylvester that I have played with in Photoshop.


I made this hat.

Harvey Nichols ceilidh posters

These are posters used to advertise Harvey Nichols' annual staff party. 2010 was a Scottish themed ceilidh (Highland dancing). I used native Scottish animals mixed with a bit of wordplay* to create some humorous illustrations.

*For those not familiar with Scottish wildlife and words - the Capercaillie is a large grouse found in the Highlands and the Highland Cow is pronounced 'coo' in Scotland - rhymes with 'do' see??

Edinburgh Festival Assembly Rooms 2008

Myself and a stylist friend were commissioned to design and install a window scheme by Concept Group in 2008 to advertise their sponsoring of Assembly's Festival programme.

Concept provides photocopiers and communication solutions to businesses. We had to link photocopiers and the Edinburgh Festival together somehow over 4 windows.

We had a different window representing the 4 different aspects of the Festival - Comedy, Dance, Music and Theatre.

The Theatre window featured stage lights forming from hanging toner cartridges spilling their contents of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black toner all down the walls.

The Comedy window had a mannequin in an office party setting, with her naughtily photocopying her bum, the evidence flying up the wall. We had a green strobe light fitted to replicate the green light a copier gives off when it is in operation.

The annual Fringe Festival which takes place in August is the largest arts festival in the world.

Michael Jackson Poster 3 - Hawke & Hunter

The latest in an ongoing set of illustrations based on Michael Jackson and his life and legacy. I was asked to come up with a poster for a club night when he died and since then I have been coming up with new designs and drawings. As ever, excuse my watermark.