Saturday, 6 February 2010

Come Together (Space Ibiza) logo proposal

I was recently asked by Space Ibiza to submit ideas for a logo for a new club night that is happening at their mega-club this Summer.

This idea was developed the most, but was unfortunately not chosen.

I use this blog to post all my best work, even the stuff that doesn't 'make it'.

The brief outlined a club where electro, indie and rock would be played and where people of all nationalities would unite on the dancefloor. I drew 2 swans, one black and white, coming together to form a heart. The different coloured swans represent the union of different nationalities and races - joined by music. The black swan also symbolises night, and the white, day. As Space Ibiza is open during the day I thought this was quite fitting. Swans also mate for life and are regal birds which again fit into the idea of unity and love being found on the dancefloor of the king of Ibiza's clubs.

Menergy February 2010

The Menergy flyers have started to evolve, February's are based on the seminal and highly influential lifestyle mag - Butt Magazine. (Please be aware that this website has adult content and probably should not be looked at in a workplace.)

Butt Mag is printed on pink paper and is black and white. It looks like a photocopied zine but features articles and photography by some of the biggest names in fashion and art.

Mrs Smith Christmas Windows

In November 2009 I was approached by Edinburgh-based fashion boutique Mrs Smith to design window graphics to help promote their Christmas campaign. I came up with illustrations that were fun, cute and colourful, to help them stand out amongst their competitors.

I had the 60s-looking drawings running through all the windows like a paper chase and into the shop, onto the mirrors and fitting room walls to help give a continuous look throughout the store.

Mrs Smith has two branches so they were both given the same treatment.

In January, the Sale began and more graphics were added to the windows to advertise this. I also designed strut cards that were placed on shop floor fixtures to support the sale message.