Sunday, 15 November 2009

Royal Garden Apartments - Christmas posters

The Royal Garden Apartments are located on Queen St. in Edinburgh's New Town. They are a complex of luxury Apart-hotels where customers can rent an entire apartment rather than a squashed hotel room. I have done a bit of work for them - click the 'Royal Garden Apartments' tag at the bottom of this entry to see the rest.

They asked me to design a poster to hang in their lobby advertising stays over Christmas. I came up with a number of different angles - including this 'Queen's Speech' pitch. This is just an unfinished sketch as it was unfortunately rejected, being deemed 'too controversial and potentially offensive.' Oh well!

This second 'No room at the Inn-laws' poster was considered safe and was then finished off. website home page design

After my 2 flyer designs to promote a new social networking site, approached me to redesign their website home page. They also asked me to illustrate the little icons you see running along the page.

Visit it at: glue flyer

Flyer design to promote a social networking website. cinema flyer

Flyer design to promote a social networking website.

40th Birthday Invite

Using the 'Established in 1969' tag as inspiration, I gave this invite a vintage 60s feel with an updated twist.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Ian Ryan

These are images I created for Ian Ryan, an up-and-coming electro pop musician.
I styled and photographed this in a toilet in a dodgy club in Edinburgh.
Sometimes you just don't have access to a studio and lighting and you have to make do with what you have to hand.

Hallowe'en mask

Something a little silly and throwaway now...

This is a mask I designed for Hallowe'en - I wanted it to have a Mummy/Voodoo feel, so I made it out of bandages dipped in Plaster of Paris.

Menergy November 2009

Now for something a little camp... I was asked to design a flyer for a 70s/80s-themed gay disco night which would be playing the best in classic disco, Hi-NRG and Italo.

My thoughts turned to infamous artist Tom of Finland who drew hyper-masculine male figures and captured the 'leather clone' look of the seventies gay scene.

I also wanted to make the flyer look a bit like a seedy magazine cover or an obscure disco record cover, so I messed with the colours of the image and created a retro-looking logo.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Yeah Yeah Yeahs T-shirt competition submissions

I designed a few T-shirts for a Yeah Yeah Yeahs competition a couple of months ago. I tried to feature references to the band's recent album campaign ('It's Blitz!') with the use of eyeballs (look for the band's name incorporated into the fish skeleton) and disco. They didn't win or anything, but I enjoyed coming up with the illustrations. Click on the images for larger versions, and please excuse the watermarks.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Harvey Nichols 'Bal Masqué' teaser posters

These were 'teaser' posters I designed to whet people's appetites for the annual Harvey Nichols staff ball. Elements of these designs transferred to the final poster.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Harvey Nichols 'Bal Masqué' poster

I designed and illustrated this poster for Harvey Nichols' annual staff party. The theme was a masked ball and as Harvey Nichols is very fashion-forward I decided to tie it into what was happening that season with catwalk trends.
As I was attending the Ball, I also made a mask that tied into the poster's themes of death and decay.
Click on the images to see them bigger.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Royal Garden Apartments - family window

Royal Garden Apartments commissioned me to design and illustrate a window highlighting the vast size of their rooms and therefore the capacity for holding an entire family.



Royal Garden Apartments - window graphics

Photos of open-backed windows at Royal Garden Apartments. They are in complete contrast to the previous design (a wide band of frosting cutting out all light). These windows look out onto Queen Street and opposite is located the Portrait Gallery. The hotel's reception area looks out onto the gallery so I wanted the guests to be able to admire the view.



Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Royal Garden Apartments - 'Do Not Disturb' window display

Royal Garden Apartments are set in Edinburgh's Queen Street - opposite the National Portrait Gallery. The six-story hotel was constructed in 1880 and converted into apartments in 1999. They approached me in 2008 and asked me to give their windows a make-over. Their windows previously had a severe black typeface over a frosted background which the owner described as "more of a funeral parlour than a hotel."

I took inspiration from their name and beautiful surrounding gardens to give the branding a Spring clean. The apartments are large and airy and I wanted to let the graphics mirror how welcoming the staff and rooms are.

All of the windows are open-backed apart from one.This window is about 28cm deep and requires climbing into it from the top. Dressing options are therefore very limited as you run the risk of destroying your display as you clamber out!

Originally, this
'Do Not Disturb' idea was to advertise Valentine's Day. The lights were going to be coloured pink and rose petals would cover the floor. However, to get the most time and value from money out of the display, it was decided to adapt it to more of a 'corporate stay' idea.



Plastic Pastorals (Oct 2008)




Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Plastic Pastorals (Oct 2008)

Here are some photos of my last solo exhibition in Glasgow, 'Plastic Pastorals'.